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25 Mile Creek Marine Dock/Pier for USFS, Lake Chelan, WA.

Marine dock and pier for USFS service craft maintenance and protection. This unique dock structure incorporated design considerations for the future inclusion of a pre-engineering metal building supported on the dock (integrated lattice members and base plates). The steel dock system is coated with 30 mil polyurea and provided with polyethylene cased floats connected on the bottom chord of the dock truss. Due to the severe weather conditions on Lake Chelan the dock is restrained by 24-inch steel pipe piles.




Joint Agency Engineering Feasibility Study, Pendleton, OR.
Engineering feasibility study for joint water system project for the City of Pendleton and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. The comprehensive study assessed a number of alternatives consisting of a water treatment plant, supply source from the Umatilla River, water rights conveyance, water transmission system, large booster pump facilities, and massive water storage impoundments.


Splendid Acres Water Association, Mountain Home, ID.
Water system improvements for a small water association including groundwater will building improvements, electric/control systems, distribution pipeline and valves, series of manifold pressure tanks.


Scenic Properties Water Association, Lowman, ID.
Water system improvements for a rural water association including spring source development, transmission pipeline through difficult alpine topography, and water storage reservoir.


Karney Lakes Water Association, Boise County, ID.
Development of new groundwater (spring) source employing a protected spring box assembly in alpine setting, high pressure transmission and distribution pipelines, improvements to water storage reservoirs, system valving and service connections. Addressed and satisfied all necessary Department of Environmental approval requirements.


Sorrento Lactalis Swiss Village Cheese, Nampa, ID.


8,000 GPD on-site sanitary sewer disposal system consisting of a large septic/filter vault, duplex dosing pump station and large subsurface alternating drain fields. Prepared comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) manual for system function. This was a very unique sanitary utility and involved and aerial force main crossing over a large irrigation canal, and pumping the effluent to an off-site (remote) subsurface drain field, well beyond the point of wastewater origin.




Darigold, Inc., Lynden, WA.
Process odor exhaust system for DAF Building and 30,000 gallon Spill Tank within the facility complex of the Lynden, WA Darigold plant. Exhaust system consisted of a high efficiency Strobic Air Corp. Tri-Stack exhaust fan, with manifold exhaust air pipe system, and electrical controls. The existing 30,000 gallon Spill Tank was retrofitted with structural steel platform to support the Tri-Stack exhaust fan. This system eliminated the problematic process odor which formerly blanketed the neighborhood surrounding the Darigold facility.

Darigold, Inc., Sunnyside, WA.
Assessment and recommendations to improvement storm water collection and disposal system which serves the huge complex. Develop protocol for combining numerous drainage source points into collective system.


Brundage Mountain Resort, Valley County, ID.


Water and wastewater infrastructure improvements for Brundage Mountain Resort expansion consisting of domestic water transmission and distribution pipeline utility, 100,000 gallon concrete cast-in-place storage reservoir, a 25,000 gallon per day on-site sanitary sewer collection/disposal system involving a multi-cell expansive subsurface drainage, and preparation of a comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) manual.




Brooks Resource Corporation, Bend, OR.
1,500 GPM domestic water booster pump station and transmission pipeline and an 800 GPM, 420-ft TDH sewage pump station consisting of a buried wet/dry well, modeling of system hydraulics, duplex series of sewage pumps (four total due to high pressure head application), and structural and control system design.

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Boise, ID.
Water system improvements for Lucky Peak State Park including retrofitting existing ground water well, well house building, isolation valves, electrical system improvements, and water line extension.


Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Thousand Springs State Park, ID.

Prepared water system evaluation report, and engineering document for a new public water
system to serve the Billingsley Creek Park Unit. Services included isolating existing spring feed water
supply utility, new groundwater well source, water distribution system, and associated controls and valving.





Joint Agency Engineering Feasibility Study, Pendleton, OR.
Engineering feasibility study for joint water system project for the City of Pendleton and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. The comprehensive study assessed a number of alternatives consisting of a water treatment plant, supply source from the Umatilla River, water rights conveyance, water transmission system, large booster pump facilities, and massive water storage impoundments.


Allen Island, San Juan, WA.
Potable water supply system feasibility study for Paul Allen Retreat Complex (co-founder of MicroSoft). Assessed availability of surface water and groundwater (salt water intrusion impacts) for uninhibited island serving as retreat for short duration periods throughout the year. Evaluated groundwater well pumping requirements, distribution pipeline system, storage requirements, service pressure compliance, and a source of electrical power. The study concluded with addressing the technical and economic development feasibility of a small island water system.


Segale Properties, Pothole Reservoir, Grant County, WA.

This Irrigation Pier and Pump Platform project involved designing a highly loaded pier for a 30-inch diameter steel irrigation pipeline and maintenance boom truck, and a platform which supports six – 500 HP, 4,160 volt irrigation pumps. The pier/pump platform structure extends 375-ft out into Potholes Reservoir and is supported by 12-inch steel pile pairs at 20-ft centers.





United Water, Boise, ID.

Engineering and Department of Environmental Quality documents for a concrete cast-in-place water storage reservoir along Table Rock Road. The design included monitoring systems required by United Water and provisions to facilitate the future installation of vertical turbine booster pumps.

Idaho County Industrial Airport Park, Idaho County, ID.
Water system extension, wastewater collection utility, duplex sewage lift station, and public roadway extension improvements to facilitate business development associated with the Idaho County Regional Airport.


Floating Dock Restroom for BLM, Killarney Lake, ID.
Matrix Engineering designed a dock system with a prefabricated restroom building for public access on the lake. Unique buoyancy conditions were addressed during project design including a sewage holding tank and ballast tank. These double walled aluminum submerged tanks added buoyancy force to the dock and were designed to maintain an acceptable center of gravity.


Wave Attenuator Structure at Big Eddy Marina on Dworshak Reservoir, Clearwater Co., ID.
Matrix Engineering provided engineering services for a unique wave attenuator structure in the deep water of Dworshak Reservoir to protect the boat dock marina at Big Eddy Reservoir. The scope of the project involve structural design of a steel truss wave attenuator (~ 400-ft long), design of a deep water self adjusting anchorage system (Glosten Associates), preparation of comprehensive contract/bid documents, and agency liaison.


The Terraces Marina & Wave Attenuator, Lake Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Large scale marina with wave attenuator structure and multiply large boat slips for very high end condominium development on Coeur d’Alene Lake. Marina system design included wave attenuators, boat docks, gangways, steel pile supports. Scope of services involved engineering of all marina structures and systems.





Two Rivers Casino Marina, Floating Dock w/ Pump Station, Two Rivers, WA.
Scope of services for this project involves designing a floating platform with duplex lift station to serve the domestic sewage requirements of a floating C-store and boat septic pump-out facility.


Terrace Lakes Resort Wastewater Utility Improvements, Boise County, ID.
Matrix Engineering provided engineering services for wastewater utility improvements to replace a large subsurface drainfield sewage septic system at Terrace Lakes Resort. New improvements consisted of a gravity collection system, pre-treatment system (Biomicrobics components), pump stations, force main, and a drip sub-surface drain field.


Hidden Springs Community, Boise, ID.

Master planning and engineering services for public water system, irrigation utility, and wastewater reclamation facility for the initial phases of Hidden Springs, a 1,700-acre Master Planned Development. The public water system involved and extension network of transmission and distribution pipelines, multiply pressure zones with pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations, a 350,000 gallon steel water storage reservoir, fire protection provisions, and retrofitting an existing booster pump station with vertical turbine pumps and controls (United Water Hidden Hollow Pump Station). Other project elements included an elaborate pressure irrigation utility which used treated wastewater for land application disposal.




Carson National Fish Hatchery - UFFWS, Carson, WA.
Design and engineering for two 40-ft long fish crowders for fish processing at the Carson National Fish Hatchery. The crowders consisted of free-spanning aluminum open-spaced truss structures with mechanical drive systems (the crowders track along the length of a 100-ft long fish containment basin). Submerged screen assemblies supported by the crowder truss “crowd” the fish diverted from the Columbia River to a processing/laboratory area within the complex of the Carson National Fish Hatchery.


Killarney Lake US Bureau of Land Management, Coeur d’Alene District, ID.
Development and engineering for a floating restroom dock on Killarney Lake, northern Idaho. The restroom dock consists of a pre-fabricated fiberglass restroom building mounted on a 16.5-ft x 20-ft floating dock restrained by steel piles. The dock is equipped with a double-walled septic holding tank and a ballast tank. The floating restroom dock serves the recreational boat users on Killarney Lake. The BLM pumps the septic tank out with their service boat on a scheduled basis.


Two Rivers Casino Marina Floating Dock with Pump-Out Station, Davenport, WA.
Development and engineering for a floating dock supported sewage pump-out facility at the Two Rivers Casino + Resort. The pump-out station serves cabin and large house boats via mechanically evaluating wastewater contained in the boat storage tanks. A flexible force main is anchored on the lake bottom from the pump-out station to a discharge manhole on the shore.


Dept. of Navy, Island of Guam 2-Section Aluminum Gangway Bridge.
This project involved designing a 60-ft gangway to off-load service members from ship to pier. The gangway was designed to be fabricated in two 30-ft sections in order that it could be transported in a 40-ft shipping container. Special provisions were incorporated due to the steepness of the gangway from ship bearing end to pier bearing end.


Boarding Float Replacement on Hagg Lake, Washington County Parks, OR.
Due to the low lake bed slope and water elevation draw-off the docks were designed with a winch and track system to adjust the dock position as the water level changed. Protective provisions were incorporated in the dock truss structure in the event the dock bottomed on the lake bed.


Post Falls Landing – Extension Boat Marina w/ Floating C-Store Platform Spokane River, Post Falls, Id.
Services involved design of extensive marina dock system on the Spokane River in an area of Post Falls which will morph into the new town center. This project included the design of a floating C-store and boat fuel dispensing platform, large network of boat moorage slips, walkways, and access docks.


River Run Subdivision Home Owners Association, Boise, ID.
Pressure irrigation system design improvements for large residential subdivision properties. System upgrades involves replacement of low efficiency pumps with new, electrical upgrades to adhere to the NEC, pressure pipeline replacement, and the installation of flow meters and chart recorders.


Lakeland Village Subdivision Home Owners Association, Garden City, ID.
Design involved transferring the irrigation supply source from a municipal water system (7 separate meters) and using granted water rights to supply the pressure irrigation system. Interconnecting pipes and valving were reconfigured to accommodate the new source of supply and to isolate the domestic water supply. Pump station improvements were implemented for better irrigation system efficiency.


20 kW Wind Turbine for Commercial Net-Meter Account, Meridian, ID.
Technical support including cast-in-place concrete foundation, and Department of Treasury Section 1603 Funding Application and USDA REAP Grant application for a 20 kW wind turbine on a 100-ft tower. The wind turbine will produce surplus electrical energy to sell back to Idaho Power Company.


Jerome Cheese Company, Jerome, ID.
Land application cheese process wastewater reclamation/treatment plant involving heavy civil elements, seven miles of HDPE wastewater transmission pipeline, land application irrigation pipeline for field application of the treated food product wastewater.


Storage Barn Structure at Steigerwald Lake NWR, US Dept. of Interior FWS, Washougal, WA.
Engineering services and design documents for a 1,500 SF storage barn at the US Fish & Wildlife Service Steigerwald Lake NWR in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The building designed adhered to the specific requirements and mandates of the Scenic Area Handbook. Aesthetic design considerations involved building geometry, siding material, doors and windows, and the color of the finished structured.


Guardrail Safety Improvement Project, Glenns Ferry Highway District, Glenns Ferry, ID.
Developed and prepared American Recovery Act – Stimulus Package Funding “shovel ready project” for Glenns Ferry Highway District: Pine to Featherville Guardrail Improvements. This project required a voluminous design/submittal package to align with the federal funding requirements of the Idaho Transportation Department.


Nativa Terra Subdivision, Boise, ID.
High end foothills subdivision, multiply phases, in Boise Foothills East with extensive engineering related to topography, and unique infrastructure design considerations. The projects involved domestic water system design in accordance with the standards of United Water Idaho.