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Roadway and Traffic Engineering for Matrix Engineering, Inc. is under the direction of Douglas Unger, P.E..   Doug’s experience with roadway infrastructure spans back for 16 years including roadway/street engineering geometrics, storm water drainage systems, hydrological assessment and reports, and small bridge structures.  His experience includes roadway infrastructure projects for Idaho Transportation Department, Ada County Highway District, Mountain Home Highway District, and Glenns Ferry Highway District.  Doug has prepared ITD project engineering and specification documents for two roadway landslide projects in Elmore County which qualified for emergency funding.  His land development experience includes residential subdivision and commercial development roadway systems in the jurisdictions of the City of Nampa, City of Caldwell, Canyon County Highway District,  Ada County Highway District, Ada County Development Services (private roadway systems), and several other municipalities and counties.

Matrix Engineering, Inc. and staff are well qualified to provide professional engineering services for Roadway and Traffic Engineering.  Our resources are very diverse, knowledgeable, and experienced, and we are well suited to execute roadway /transportation engineering projects. 

The Matrix Engineering, Inc. team has produced many roadway/transportation geometric and earthwork construction plans and documents in the jurisdictions of the City of Nampa, City of Caldwell, Ada County Highway District, Canyon County Highway Districts, Gem County Road and Bridge Department, Boise County, City of McCall, City of Payette and the City of Fruitland.  The plans include detailed vertical and horizontal alignment data, and cross-section panels which readily illustrate earthwork cut and fill regions.  Matrix Engineering, Inc. employs both AutoCAD LDD and Civil 3D for design and engineering support for these types of projects.

We understand and appreciate the need for solid and careful engineering for roadway/ transportation systems as these types of public facilities result in high capital cost, critical public scrutiny, and traffic flow disruptions.  

The execution of our projects which align with Roadway and Traffic Design requires knowledge of appropriate design and engineering parameters, as well as being acquainted with the standards and policy of the local government and regulatory agencies.  The long term tenure that Doug Unger and Ken King have in the Treasure Valley, and association with public and regulatory agencies, provide an enhanced baseline and history in managing and completing projects with agency oversight.  The team of Matrix Engineering, Inc. has a mutually respectful relationship with the many public agencies in the Treasure Valley associated with the execution of our professional engineering services.  Representing our valuable clients, we remain steadfast in our duty and obligation to provide a superior engineering product to the regulatory agencies which provide the required approvals for the projects we design and engineer for the benefit of our clients. The Matrix Engineering, Inc. team has appropriate and relevant experience with many of the regional municipal and highway district entities. 

Roadway/transportation projects require careful planning and execution from commencement to completion.  In this process we will clearly understand the unique and specific requirements of the municipality, governmental and regulatory agencies, and Owner associated with the execution of the project.     

Many of the projects that Matrix Engineering, Inc. are involved with require roadway and transportation engineering services.  We are well acquainted with public agency policy associated with roadway design requirements, including Idaho Transportation Department standards, the local and regional highway districts, AASHTO criteria.  Many roadway/transportation projects involved sophisticated storm water drainage systems which we have much experience with all aspects of the subject requirements.  Irrigation and drainage district facilities and systems often need close coordination in roadway/transportation construction and improvement project and Matrix Engineering, Inc. has vast experience working through the many elements involves in these types of project that are not always apparent.  

project experience and references

Boise Independent School District

  • Capital High School Parking Lot Improvements
  • District Services Center Access Roadway Extension
These projects for the School District involved design engineering and construction services support.  The timing of these project were critical due to the limited summer time school break, and the cost constraints of the School District.  The projects were completed on schedule and within the contract budget.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Glenns Ferry Highway District

  • Little Canyon Creek Bridge Replacement
  • Highway District Office Building Expansion
  • Pine Road Gabion Wall Repair
  • Pine Road Landslide Remediation
  • Engineering Consulting for Plat Review Process

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E


Foothill Development Roadway Geometric Design, including:

Shadow Valley Estates, Ada County, ID