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  • Domestic Water Systems
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  • Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
  • Storm Drainage
The Matrix Engineering, Inc. has worked with utility infrastructure for nearly 23 years including water, wastewater, irrigation, pump systems, control systems, and storm water system for public and private sector clients.  Prior experience includes municipal projects in the Cities of Nampa, Caldwell, City Boise, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Splendid Acres Water Association,  Scenic Properties Water Association, United Water Idaho, Cities (WA) of Everett, Lynnwood, Milton, Bonney Lake, Raymond, Puyallup, and Pierce County Utility Department, WA.  In addition to the municipal project experience Doug has designed a host of utility systems for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  Doug has a very good working relationship with the staff of the Department of Environmental Quality and the other regulatory agencies typically involved in public utility projects.  Doug maintains a direct association with each project entrusted to the office of Matrix Engineering, Inc. and ensures the final project quality meets and satisfies the goals and objectives of the Owner; and that pride of ownership prevails.
Projects that we associate with include local projects and non-local projects.  This spectrum of work has acquainted us with not only the local regulatory agencies, but agencies in other jurisdictions as well.  We invest the time and effort to understand specific geographic considerations in advance of the execution of our professional services.  We have been able to manage the host of projects with successful outcomes regardless of the geographic project location in accordance with the policies and standards of the regulatory agencies (local, state, and federal).  Matrix Engineering, Inc. maintains a close association with our projects and has provided the appropriate resources for specific geographic considerations, and approval procedures with the regulatory agencies.  We are well accustomed to the value of gaining the support of the regulatory agencies early in the various project phases.
Our experience includes domestic water systems, distribution/transmission pipelines, water storage reservoirs, booster pump stations, PRV stations, system control strategy, wastewater collection systems, lift stations, metering stations, irrigation pipeline and pump station systems, irrigation canal systems, storm water management improvements, including hydrological assessments and reports.  Our scope of services also includes obtaining agency approvals, preparation of permit documents, checklists, application and other appropriate documents for the regulatory agencies.
The project experience of Matrix Engineering, Inc. which aligns with professional engineering services for utilities are summarized with project/contact reference as follows:

Splendid Acres Water Association, Mountain Home, ID

Water system improvements for a small water association including groundwater well building improvements, electric/control systems, distribution pipeline and valves, series of manifold pressure tanks. Prepared Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Planning Study Report to obtain SRF Loan Funding and all associated documentation.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, Boise, ID

Lucky Peak State Park

Water system improvements including retrofitting existing ground water well, well house building, isolation valves, electrical system improvements, and water line extension.  The engineering services also included construction administration, payment request approval, and final project close-out certification.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Thousand Springs State Park, ID

Prepared water system evaluation report, and engineering document for a new public water system to serve the Billingsley Creek Park Unit.  Services included isolating existing spring feed water supply utility, new groundwater well source, water distribution system, pressure control system, and associated fittings and valving.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Brundage Mountain Resort, Valley County, ID

Water and wastewater infrastructure improvements for Brundage Mountain Resort expansion consisting of domestic   water transmission and distribution pipeline utility, 100,000 gallon concrete cast-in-place storage reservoir, a 25,000 gallon per day on-site sanitary sewer collection/ disposal system involving a multi-cell expansive subsurface drainage, and preparation of a comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) manual.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E. 

Hidden Springs Community, Boise, ID

Master planning and engineering services for public water system, irrigation utility, and wastewater reclamation facility for the initial phases of Hidden Springs, a 1,700-acre MPD.  The public water system involved an extension network of transmission and distribution pipelines, multiply pressure zones with pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations, a 350,000 gallon steel water storage reservoir, fire protection provisions, and retrofitting an existing booster pump station with vertical turbine pumps and controls.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Karney Lakes Water Association, Boise County, ID

Development of new groundwater (spring) source employing a protected spring box assembly in alpine/mountain setting, high pressure transmission and distribution pipelines, and improvements to water storage reservoirs.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

United Water, Boise, ID

Engineering and Department of Environmental Quality documents for a concrete cast-in-place water storage reservoir along Table Rock Road.  The design included monitoring systems and installation of vertical turbine booster pumps.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Joint Agency Engineering Feasibility Study, Pendleton, OR

Engineering feasibility study for joint water system project for the City of Pendleton and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation which assessed a number of alternatives consisting of a water treatment plant, supply source from the Umatilla River, water rights conveyance, water transmission system, large booster pump facilities, and massive water storage impoundments.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Allen Island, San Juan, WA

Potable water supply system feasibility study for Paul Allen Retreat Complex (co-founder of MicroSoft).  Assessed availability of surface water and groundwater (salt water intrusion impacts) for uninhibited island serving as retreat for short duration periods throughout the year.  Evaluated groundwater well pumping requirements, distribution pipeline system, and storage requirements.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.

Brooks Resource Corporation, Bend, OR

1,500 GPM domestic water booster pump station and transmission pipeline, and an 800 GPM, 420-ft TDH sewage pump station consisting of a buried wet/dry well, modeling of system hydraulics, duplex series of sewage pumps (four total due to high pressure head application), and structural and control system design.

Project Manager:  Douglas Unger, P.E.