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Solar Water Heater &Photovoltaic-Solar Panels Renewable Energy Systems

Installed on Residence in Sweet, Idaho

In order to lessen the demand on electrical energy this residential property employed renewable energy systems consisting of a 30 evaluated tube solar water heater and a photovoltaic system with a peak output of appropriately 5,000 watts. The only public utility available at this location was commercial power.   The location of this home offered an idea opportunity to capture solar renewable energy.  


The 30 tube solar water heater will provide amble hot water for domestic purposes as well as for space heating. The solar water system consists of a duplex (two) pump station with an integral brazed plate heat exchanger. The solar collector loop is charged with non-toxic glycol. The solar collector heated glycol is pumped through the heat exchanger and transfers the heat to the domestic side of the brazed plate heat exchanger.


From the heat exchanger the solar heated water is pumped and stored in an existing 80 gallon water tank.   The solar heated water supply is available for general domestic/household purposes as well as for space heating of the home. A water-to-air heat exchange coil was installed in the ductwork of the electric forced air furnace.  


This coil introduces a source of hot water heat which is circulated by the furnace fan for home space heating purposes. The combined use of solar heated water for domestic and space heating purposes results in a very efficient system with saves the owner a significant amount of commercial electrical power each month.


The solar water system manifold also provides ease of expansion for a future radiant floor system connection.

The photovoltaic-solar panel system for this home consists of approximately 5,000 watts of solar power production in a two (2) string array configuration.


A two channel Aurora Power One inverter provides the ability to double the size/output of the photovoltaic system. A display of the inverter provides real time production and consumption data. This solar system is intertied with the Idaho Power grid with a Net Metering Agreement (owner receives credit for production of surplus renewable energy).

This residential renewable energy system (solar hot water and photovoltaic-solar panels) qualifies for a federal 30% renewable energy tax credit (dollar for dollar). This is a huge financial incentive and one which will accelerate the payback period of the renewable energy systems.