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12 Volt Photovoltaic-Solar System for Submersible Irrigation Well Pump

Gem County, Idaho



Matrix Renewable Energy fabricated a solar system to provide low voltage power for an existing groundwater well installation. The 6-inch cased well was not suitable for domestic water purposes; however its serves as an acceptable source of groundwater for localized irrigation and non-consumptive uses. The depth of the well and the limited flow demand, coupled with the expense to extend commercial power to the well site, offered an ideal opportunity to implement a 12 volt solar power supply.


An aluminum frame assembly was fabricated and anchored to the 6-inch well casing as a support platform for the 145 watt solar panel and 12 volt deep cycle battery. A durable 12 volt to 24 volt submersible pump powered by the solar system was incorporated into the well. The control panel was custom designed and assembled by Matrix Renewable Energy and included a charge controller which displays supply voltage, current supplied by the solar panel and current consumed by the load, voltage meter, indicator lights, and auxiliary terminals to supply 12 volt DC power to addition loads (i.e. landscape lighting, small pond motors, etc.).



When an adequate supply of solar (sunlight) energy is available the solar panel has a power production capacity approximately three times greater than the power required by the submersible pump. During this period the surplus power charges the battery. During the off-solar period of the day the power stored in the battery is able to continue to operate the 12 volt submersible pump.

The merits of employing renewable energy – solar panels are multiple as supported by this specific application. A remote source of power is made available where none existed previously and the Owner has a degree of independence which is satisfying (without the reliance of a commercial power source and the associated cost).

The 12 volt DC renewable energy power source is operations and maintenance free and will not burden the Owner with on-going expenses. Another ideal application for renewable energy.