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Solar Water Heater

Installed on Boise North End Home


This solar water heater system was installed to provide heat for radiant floor heating and hot water space heating for an extensive addition to a Boise north end residence.  This solar water heater system is anticipated to meet the entire heating demands of the addition to the home.  The solar water heater is a 25 evacuated borosilicate glass tube, closed-loop solar water heater mounted on the south facing roof.  This type of solar water heater is very efficient.  The evacuated borosilicate tubes absorb ultra-violet waves (direct sunlight is not required) to produce hot water.  

This is a closed loop solar water heater installation in which the roof mounted solar water heater is approximately 50-ft from the existing water heater tank.  The control panel with circulation pump, which controls the operation of the solar heater, is remotely mounted adjacent to the hot water tank in the original portion of the home.  The inlet/outlet water lines from the solar water heater are connected to the control panel and in a series loop with the home’s existing hot water tank.  Thermo-couples (heat sensors) from the control panel monitor water temperature in the solar water heater, and in the cold/hot water lines of the existing hot water tank.  The control panel is programmable to align with the Owner’s specific operations objective(s), and the matter in which the solar heated water is used.

The existing water heater tank primarily serves as a storage reservoir as the solar water heater satisfies the majority of the family’s domestic hot water needs without activating the heating elements in the existing water heater tank.  The hot water produced by the solar water heater will not only provide a source of hot water for the new addition radiant floor heating and space heating it will also distribute hot water throughout the existing water supply system (for domestic hot water including the wash machine, dish washer, bathroom and kitchen fixtures).  The payback period for this solar water heater installation is anticipated to be between 2¾ – 3½   years.  This solar water heater qualifies for a US Government 30% Renewable Energy Tax Credit incentive – which further warrants the merit of the project.

                      Tranferring Material      
1st Day on Project Site (good solar resource day)
                          Solar Water Heater Assembly           
     Solar Water Heater Assembly (90% Complete)                                      Completed Install


                         Completed Install