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Solar Water Heater Renewable Energy System

Installed on Residence in Payette County, Idaho




The only commercial utility available for this new rural home was electric power.  The owners realized the benefit of renewable energy during the planning phase of their home and called on Matrix Renewable Energy to provide a system which would lessen their reliance on commercial power.  The site and configuration of this home offered an ideal opportunity to employ both solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and a solar water heating system. 

The initial project scope involved installing a 30 evaluated tube solar collector on the south facing exterior wall of the home.  Unlike flat panels, evaluated tube collectors are not orientation sensitive and can be mounted in a wide array of position conditions without compromising efficiency. 








The 30 tube solar water collector provides hot water for domestic use and to supply hot water for a water-to-air heat exchange coil installed in the ductwork of the forced air furnace, and two zones of radiant floor heat.  Temperature sensors integrated with zones valves and a controller provide complete control function of the solar water system. 

Room temperature sensors (heat coil and radiant floor) are terminated at the differential controller which energizes a pump to convey hot water to the point of use.  The inlet/outlet lines for the heat exchange coil and the radiant floors are connected to a manifold mounted on a custom fabricated panel which provides flow control.



30 tube solar collector on south facing wall.



The unrestricted south exposure location of the solar controller results in the sun resource being available throughout the entire day, and will serve this application well in the reduction of commercial power usage.  Future renewable energy improvements being considered also include a solar photovoltaic system to produce supplemental electric power (with a Net Metering Agreement with Idaho Power).


The renewable energy improvements for this new home benefited from the federal 30% renewable energy tax credit (dollar for dollar) and a State of Idaho 40% tax deduction.  

   Water-to-air heat exchange coil in furnace.                 Pump/control panel + manifold.