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Marsing, Idaho Install

Installed on Residence in Marsing, Idaho

Description: F:\DCIM\100NIKON\DSCN0092.JPG Idaho Power is the only commercial utility to serve this home outside of Marsing, Idaho (a very pristine setting in which the owners are seeking a higher degree of self-sufficiency).  Currently the owners rely on expensive propane fuel to heat their home, all other appliances, including two hot water heaters are electrical.  The objective of this renewable energy project is to reduce both the need for commercial power and propane fuel.  In this regard Matrix Renewable Energy installed a 30 evaluated tube solar water heater (collector) with related systems to aid the owners in reducing their utility costs and for obtaining an additional level on independence.



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The roof mounted solar water heater will supply hot water for domestic and space heating purposes.  The solar heated water is conveyed and stored for use in the existing hot water tank.  The solar water system consists of a duplex (two) pump station with an integral brazed plate heat exchanger which was installed in the basement utility room, adjacent to the hot water hot.  The solar collector loop is charged with non-toxic glycol. 

The heated glycol is pumped through the heat exchanger and transfers heat to the domestic side of the heat exchanger which is pumped and stored in the hot water tank.  The solar heated water supply is available for general domestic/household purposes as well as for space heating of the home.


For space heating purposes a water-to-air heat exchange coil was installed in the ductwork of the forced air furnace.  Hot water is pumped from the water tank through the heat exchange coil.  The furnace fan conveys the hot water heated air throughout the home via existing ductwork. 

The living space room thermostat will initiate the operation of a small circulation pump for conveying hot water to the heat exchanger (via a simple supply and return loop) for heated air distribution in the house.  The 30 tube solar water heater will provide amble hot water for domestic purposes as well as for space heating. 


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The combined use of solar heated water for domestic and space heating purposes results in a very efficient system with saves the owner a significant amount of commercial electrical power and propane fuel each month. 

This solar hot water residential renewable energy system qualifies for a federal 30% renewable energy tax credit (dollar for dollar) and the State of Idaho 40% renewable energy tax deduction. 




This is a huge financial incentive and one which will accelerate the payback period of the renewable energy system.

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