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West Boise Home Install

This solar water heater system installed on a single family residence in west Boise is a 20 evacuated borosilicate glass tube, closed-loop solar water heater mounted in a vertical position on the south facing exterior wall. 

This solar water heater is connected to the home’s existing hot water heater/tank.  Water heated in the solar system is circulated to the water tank by a small pump contained in the control panel. 

The control panel with a circulation pump is mounted at a convenient access location in the garage.  The pump is operated by integral control logic and turns on when the water in the solar collector is warmer than the water in the hot water storage tank.





Remote thermo-couples (heat sensors) which terminate at the control panel monitor water temperature in the solar water heater manifold, and in the cold/hot water lines on the water tank.  Real time temperature data is used to control the function of the solar water heater system and supply solar heated hot water for immediate use or for storage in the existing hot water tank when appropriate.


The hot water produced by the solar water heater will distribute hot water throughout the existing water supply system in the home (for domestic hot water including the wash machine, dish washer, bathroom and kitchen fixtures).