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A young family of five will benefit from the inclusion of a solar water heater installed on their domestic water supply system.  The solar water heater is a 20 evacuated borosilicate glass tube, closed-loop solar water heater mounted on the south facing roof.  The control panel with circulation pump, which controls the operation of the solar heater is mounted at a convenient access location in the garage.

This is a closed loop solar water heater installation.  The inlet/outlet water lines from the solar water heater are connected to the control panel and in a series loop with the home’s existing hot water heater.  Thermo-couples (heat sensors) from the control panel monitor water temperature in the solar water heater, and in the cold/hot water lines on the water heater.  Real time temperature data is used to control the function of the solar water heater system and supply solar heated hot water for immediately use or for storage in the existing hot water heater when appropriate.  The existing water heater primarily serves as a storage reservoir as the solar water heater satisfies the majority of the family’s domestic hot water needs without activating the heating elements in the water heater.

It is estimated that this solar water heater will provide ~ 75% of the homes domestic hot water needs.  This system will also facilitate the addition of radiant hot water heat in the future.  The payback period for this solar water heater installation is anticipated to be between 2 ½ – 3 years.