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ECO of Idaho

Process Facility of ECO of Idaho

ECO of Idaho serves clients throughout the Intermountain West as a fully licensed facility approved by the state of Idaho to safely collect and transport (UCO) Used Cooking Oil from local restaurants and other food manufacturing facilities. ECO of Idaho is an eco-friendly business working hand-in-hand with the food servicing community to recycle this resource, and to protect the environment and improve our quality of life.

Matrix Renewable Energy furnished and installed a 20 tube vacuum sealed borosilicate glass solar system on the south facing roof of the ECO of Idaho facility to provide a medium in which to introduce heat into a large vertically standing oil storage vessel. The solar water heater system is configured to pump glycol through a heat-exchange coil network which resides in the storage vessel.  This is the primary source of heat for this process vessel.

Thermo-couples (heat sensors) monitor the temperature at the solar collector, at the inlet side of the heat-exchange coil, and on the discharge side of the circular pump.  Temperature data is used to control the operation of the pump based on the temperature of the glycol medium.  During a pump operation the glycol solution heated in the solar collector is transported through the heat-exchange and dissipates heat into the stored oil. 



Real time temperature data, with user interface, is used to control the function of the solar water heater system and supply heated glycol to the storage vessel.  The pump is operated by integral control logic which can be programmed for application specific parameters. The 20 tube vacuum sealed solar collector can easily be expanded to include addition units and increase the amount of renewable energy heat produce.