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Matrix Engineering


Matrix Engineering, Inc. provides exceptional, comprehensive, personalized, and affordable consulting engineering services to select public and private sector clients. The solid Matrix Engineering, Inc. team is well established in the regulatory agency community and understands the unique requirements associated with engineering practices.

Our range of engineering services include; utility system infrastructure; pump systems, including sewage lift stations and water booster stations; transportation/roadway networks; mass earthwork projects; master planning studies and reports; residential, commercial and industrial land development; and marina systems, including docks, gangways, breakwaters, and wave attenuators.

We also team and partner with a variety of specialized local consultants to meet the objectives of unique project challenges.


Matrix Engineering, Inc. is very grateful to have the support of loyal, long-standing client relationships, collaborative successes, and valued associations with other consultants in the region. Matrix Engineering, Inc. is located in the Sonna Building in downtown Boise. We welcome visits from members of the community.

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Matrix Renewable Energy


Matrix Renewable Energy provides prompt and personal services for small scale renewable energy systems for residential, commercial, and small industrial applications.  We provide engineering/design, sales, installation, maintenance and repair of renewable energy systems and equipment.

Our mission is to provide reliable, cost effective and long-term renewable energy systems which will save you lots of money every year.


Matrix Renewable Energy provides three types of renewable energy systems consisting of:

· Solar Water Heaters

· Photovoltaic (PV)/Solar Systems

· Wind Turbines

Small scale renewable energy is considered in the industry as a system with a power producing capacity of 100 kilowatts (kW) or less.  As a basis of comparison a typical 2,000 SF home in Idaho consumes an average of 5,000 to 8,000 kW per day.  Small scale commercial and industrial application may approach the need for systems great than 25 kW.

Matrix Renewable Energy will assist you in determining what type of renewable energy system is best suited for your specific application.  We will understand your objective, assess your facility’s size and energy profile, and advance the best economical and sustainable renewable energy system package for your consideration

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Doug Unger, P.E.:  Current self employment

Doug Unger is the president of Matrix Engineering and has been a consulting engineer for 25 years.  He is a licensed engineer in:  Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Montana and has work in public and private sector markets during the tenure of his career. Doug will serve as the principal technical resource for the operation of Matrix Renewable Energy, and network with other engineering resources as needed for specific project requirements. 

Ken King – Senior Design/AutoCAD Technician

Ken King, Senior Design Technical, has extensive and hands-on experience in Auto-CAD plan production, civil engineering application software, utility and roadway systems design, construction project administration, observation and oversight. He has the benefit of having both field (construction) and office (design/plan production) experience associated with large and small civil public works improvement projects. Ken is a field problem solver, understands utility and roadway system construction, irrigation and drainage district systems and function.